Wheezy release progress (December)

Wheezy has been frozen for 5-and-(almost-)a-half months now.

Last month, Neil sent a mail to d-d-a stating that there were 403 RC bugs left and today UDD claims there are 348 left.  My “pre-coffee^Wtea” math gets this to an average of approximately 1.8 RC bugs a day.

This average is only the change in “total” RC bugs between the 8th of Nov and today.  It does not account for RC bugs being filed and fixed between these two days.

However, there is another number that worries me.  Namely the number of RC bugs fixed in sid, but not Wheezy.  Today it is 139. According to Richard’s weekly updates, that number has  generally remaining in the interval 143-148 for 6 weeks (except week 45 where it went down to 134).

Those 139 are generally “just” an unblock (and a couple of days) from reaching Wheezy (or a tpu upload).  It does also include “unblocked, but not old enough to migrate” packages.  Unfortunately the 112 “unread” emails in my d-release inbox suggests most of these 139 still needs attention.

Most of these “unread” emails are (unfortunately) unblock/tpu requests that none of us (to my knowledge) has had time to respond to.  So, if you cannot find an RC bug to fix, I hope you will consider doing a bit of peer review and help us bring down the number of unanswered unblock requests.

DDs can access the same tools we use (See Neil’s mail). Otherwise, the diff is just a:


$ dget -d http://.../pkg_testing-version_arch.dsc
$ dget -d http://.../pkg_sid-version_arch.dsc
$ debdiff pkg_testing-version_arch.dsc pkg_sid-version_arch.dsc


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5 Responses to Wheezy release progress (December)

  1. OdyX says:

    That, or:
    $ apt-get source -d package/unstable
    $ apt-get source -d package/testing
    $ debdiff …
    It avoids the need to know the versions at hand, given an uptodate mirror.

    • Ztatik Light says:

      Let’s have a sip of our favorite drink at the next party and wish for a proper and official DebIan.Org Wheezy release statement to be announced! =] Happy daze R here Again.

  2. mirabilos says:

    What about pre-upload approval requests sent to d-r@l.d.o?

    • naesten says:

      I believe those are supposed to be reported as bugs, just the same as the unblocks.

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