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Lintian 2.5.19

Today, I released Lintian 2.5.19.  It is mostly a bug-fix release, but it also features a new tag.  The new tag, homepage-in-binary-package, is emitted for packages where the source package has no Homepage-field, but one of its binaries do.  The … Continue reading

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Today I had to pleasure of releasing Lintian  It is a minor bug fix release on top of Lintian  2.5.18 (which I also released today…).  When I was about to deploy the new version of Lintian on, I … Continue reading

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Lintian 2.5.18

I have just uploaded Lintian 2.5.18 to unstable.  While fixing 22 bugs, it only features 5 new tags. debian-changelog-has-wrong-weekday debian-rules-missing-good-practice-target-dfsg empty-udeb-package file-name-in-PATH-is-not-ASCII misplaced-extra-member-in-deb The release also include fixes to some false-positives, such as “python:any” dependencies triggering python-script-but-no-python-dep, a rewritten README … Continue reading

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autodie 2.21

A couple of days ago, the upstream maintainer of autodie, Paul Jamieson Fenwick (PJF), released autodie 2.21.  It includes all of the performance improvements I had proposed in “Optimizing autodie” (plus a few extra ones authored after I wrote the … Continue reading

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