Wheezy was brought to you by …

During the Wheezy freeze, the Debian release team deployed 3254 hints[1].  This number may include some duplicates (i.e. where two members of the team hinted the same package), it certainly does not include a lot of rejected requests .

The top hinter was *drum roll*… Adam, who did 1799 hints(That is 55% of all hints during the freeze).  For comparison, the second and third runner ups added together did 1023 hints (or 31.4%).  Put in a different way, on average Julien Cristau and I would both add about 1.5 hints each day and Adam would on his own add 5.6 hints a day.

Of course, this is not intended to diminish the work other the rest of the team.  Reviewing and unblocking packages is not all there is to a release.  Particularly, a great thanks to Cyril Brulebois for his hard work on the Debian Installer (without which Debian Wheezy could not be released at all).


[1] Determined by:

  egrep -c 'done 201(3|2-?(07|08|09|10|11|12)) $HINT_FILE

It does not count hints, but the little “header” we add above our hints.  One header can apply to multiple hints (which is good, because udeb unblocks are usually paired with a regular unblock and we don’t want to count them as two separate hints).

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6 Responses to Wheezy was brought to you by …

  1. Michael Biebl says:

    Yeah, a huge thank you to the release team!
    The amount of work you are doing is simply amazing.

  2. kevix says:

    is there any info about this hint processes? the file containing hints? and are these hints actions that can not be added to katie or some part of dak to reduce this need in the future if that makes sense from a probably uninformed idea of what dak does?

    • dak does not process the hints. Britney is the tool that uses these hints; she is also the tool that generates the list of packages in testing. That list is then fed to dak – I think the tool accepting them used to be called Heidi, because the output file is called “HeidiResult” (but I never good at remembering the names for various dak commands).

      (You may find http://release.debian.org/britney/hints/README interesting.)

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