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Lintian 2.5.40 – now with less output

You have probably tried to run lintian (-EIL +pedantic) on your packages only to watch lintian drown your terminal.  If you have, you would certainly not be the first. A concrete example with lintian $ lintian -EIL +pedantic 389-ds-base_1.3.4.5-2_amd64.deb … Continue reading

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Tor enabled MTA

As I posted earlier, I have migrated to use tor on my machine.  Though I had a couple of unsolved issues back then.  One of them being my Mail Transport Agent (MTA) did not support tor. A regular user might … Continue reading

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“dput change-all-of-debian.changes”

Lucas Nussbaum recently did a blog post called “Debian is still changing“.  I found it a very welcome continuation of his previous blog post on the same topic.  I find the graphs very interesting and was very happy to learn … Continue reading

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Debian, please plan for Stretch

In the 4th quarter of 2016, we will freeze Debian Stretch.  If you are hoping to do any larger changes for Stretch, please consider starting on them now.  This also includes features that need to be in APT/dpkg (etc.) in … Continue reading

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