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Jessie finally has less than 500 RC bugs

I am very pleased to say that RC bug counter for Jessie finally dropped below 500 RC bugs.  For comparison, we broke the 700 RC bug curve in the start of November, so that is about 200 RC bugs in … Continue reading

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Automated reprocessing of packages on

Yesterday, I have managed to finish up an old pet peeve of mine.  I wrote a series of patches to have harness reprocess all packages, which were last checked by an older version of Lintian than the current.  It is … Continue reading

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Getting out of the way

I have decided to step down as main maintainer of Lintian and pass the baton to Bastien Roucariès.  This is actually “fairly” old news, since I announced this almost a month ago.  However, I was not very vocal about it … Continue reading

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