“dput change-all-of-debian.changes”

Lucas Nussbaum recently did a blog post called “Debian is still changing“.  I found it a very welcome continuation of his previous blog post on the same topic.  I find the graphs very interesting and was very happy to learn that he included relative graphs this time.

Now I can with relatively ease say that 69% of all Debian packages are using a dh-style build (source).  We have another 15% using classic debhelper, which means that at least 84% of all packages uses debhelper directly.  Assuming all CDBS based packages rely on the “debhelper class”, we are at 99%!  The latter is certainly an assumption, although I suspect it is probably pretty accurate[1].


Now, it is very cute to have “world dominance”, but that is not my primary interest in these numbers.  Instead, we can use these numbers to determine that:

  • We can deploy changes to up to 99% of all source packages via existing debhelper tools
  • We can deploy changes to up to 84% of all sources packages via debhelper + CDBS if it requires a new debhelper tool.

Such as automatic dbgsym packages, indexable build-id from dbg(sym) packages via Packages files[2], and replacing maintscripts with ldconfig triggers. All of these changes happen to be changes that could be trivially deployed with very little risk and very high efficiency[3].  Notably, none of them required a compat bump (or a new debhelper tool).

Of course, I do not intend to say that every change can (or should) be deployed via debhelper and much less into an existing “dh_cmd”-tool.  Notably, dh_strip is reaching its breaking point for content.  And if we were to require a compat bump for your change, we can now at least see the adoption rate via lintian. 🙂

Nevertheless, it is nice to know that (politics aside) there is some agility in the Debian build system! 🙂


[1] I would very much love to see numbers to (dis)prove my assumption about CDBS + debhelper.  In fact, an absolute number of packages not using debhelper (indirectly) in Debian would be very intriguing.

[2] New fields by default end up the Packages file.  See e.g. the Packages.xz file on the debug mirror or your apt-cache via:

apt-cache show mscgen-dbgsym | grep ^Build-Ids

The latter assumes that you have the debug mirror in your sources list.

[3] Efficiency here being features people rarely override/disable.

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