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Wheezy release progress (January)

In December, I wrote a post on the progress of the Wheezy release.  Back then, we had 348 RC bugs in testing and today there are about 249 left.  A bit of simple math put us at 99 RC bugs … Continue reading

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Introducing “Das Lintian-overrider 2000”

Have you ever tried to add a Lintian override only to get it wrong?  Fret not, with the “Lintian-overrider 2000” such are problems of the past!  Simply feed the tag emitted by Lintian to the Lintian-overrider 2000 and it will … Continue reading

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Getting space for more packages

In 2011, I wrote about how small files could consume a lot of space. I meant to do a follow-up on the savings but I forgot about it until now. In 2.5.7, we started compressing some of the collected data … Continue reading

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