Wheezy release progress (January)

In December, I wrote a post on the progress of the Wheezy release.  Back then, we had 348 RC bugs in testing and today there are about 249 left.  A bit of simple math put us at 99 RC bugs fixed since last and an average of about 2.4 RC bugs fixed per day (up from 1.8).  Assuming a constant rate, we would be able to release in about 100 days or 3 months (plus 1 week or two) from now.  If you want the release earlier than that, fix RC bugs even faster! 🙂

Though, the data we are looking might be inaccurate.  We filed a bug against UDD, which claims that #639407 affects Wheezy while it is in fact fixed as far as the BTS is concerned.  If UDD is only wrong in this direction, we can hope for a positive surprise when the UDD bug is fixed.  On the other hand, we may also be unpleasently surprised if not.

While talking about the UDD, I would like to mention a new feature its bug search script.  It is now possible to filter based on whether or not a package is unblocked.  If you take  this into account (and assume that all unblocked packages will migrate in a timely manner), our RC bug count drops to about 219.  It also gives us a much better view of how many packages that could actually use an unblock. which is now down to about 61.

In case you have been wondering what is up with the “removal of RC buggy leaf packages”.  We have still been looking at those, but for the last couple of times there have been at most one candidate for a given run (obviously not the same package each time). It felt a bit excessive to send an email to debian-devel for just one RC bug.

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5 Responses to Wheezy release progress (January)

  1. qqq says:

    I wonder if it’s worth to fix all these bugs. This software is already one year old, many bugs probably fixed in newer versions. I hope Debian Rolling idea is not dead:)

    • I suspect many people will be happy to see these bugs fixed, so I believe it is worth it. That said, I can completely understand your desire for a “Debian Rolling”. To be honest, I am not sure what have become of that proposal.

  2. Brad says:

    We have a “Debian Rolling”, it’s called “unstable”.

    The very last thing anyone wants on a server is a rolling release cycle. Debian is about stability, and rolling releases are completely counter that end.

    Further to that effect, there are tonnes of other distros that can provide such a bug ridden release cycle. Enjoy those! Don’t move to Debian, then get upset that stability is more important than the latest toys!

    I don’t *want* any toys on my servers. I want stability, stability, stability, stability. I want releases that last years, with years of bugfixes.

    There’s always unstable for users that prefer something different — or, other distros!

  3. Bogdan says:

    I agree with Brad here. You want a rolling release choose something else (you have lots of options). Debian is a synonym for stability.
    Thks for all your work and thank you for the update and thank God you’ve dropped the very bad rolling release ideea.

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