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Introducing the debhelper buildlabel prototype for multi-building packages

For most packages, the “dh” short-hand rules (possibly with a few overrides) work great.  It can often auto-detect the buildsystem and handle all the trivial parts. With one notably exception: What if you need to compile the upstream code twice … Continue reading

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Improving bulk performance in debhelper

Since debhelper/10.3, there has been a number of performance related changes.  The vast majority primarily improves bulk performance or only have visible effects at larger “input” sizes. Most visible cases are: dh + dh_* now scales a lot better for … Continue reading

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Approaching the exclusive “sub-minute” build time club

For the first time in at least two years (and probably even longer), debhelper with the 10.6.2 upload broke the 1 minute milestone for build time (by mere 2 seconds – look for “Build needed 00:00:58, […]”).  Sadly, the result … Continue reading

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