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debhelper 10 is now available

Today, debhelper 10 was uploaded to unstable and is coming to a mirror near you “really soon now”. The actual changes between version “9.20160814” and version “10” are rather modest. However, it does mark the completion of debhelper compat 10, … Continue reading

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Anti-declarative packaging – top 15 build-helpers inserting maintscripts

Debian packages can run arbitrary code via “maintainer scripts” (sometimes shortened into “maintscripts”) during installation/removal etc. While they certainly have their use cases, their failure modes causes “exciting” bugs like “fails to install” or the dreaded “fails to remove”. They … Continue reading

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“dput change-all-of-debian.changes”

Lucas Nussbaum recently did a blog post called “Debian is still changing“.  I found it a very welcome continuation of his previous blog post on the same topic.  I find the graphs very interesting and was very happy to learn … Continue reading

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