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There is nothing like (missing) iptables (rules) to make you use tor

I have been fiddling with setting up both iptables and tor on my local machine.  Most of it was fairly easy to do, once I dedicated the time to actually do it. Configuring both “at the same time” also made … Continue reading

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With 3 months of automatic decrufting in unstable

After 3 months of installing an automatic decrufter in DAK, it: has removed 689 cruft items from unstable and experimental average removal rate being just shy of 230 cruft items/month has become the “top 11th remover”. is expected to become … Continue reading

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The gcc-5 transition is coming to testing tonight

Thanks to hard work of Adam, Julien, Jonathan, Matthias, Scott, Simon and many others, the GCC-5/libstdc++ transition has progressed to a state, where we are ready to migrate the bulk of it to testing. It should be a mostly smooth … Continue reading

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I accidentally dak

So, yesterday, I “unbroke” dak – twice even! It is of course slightly less awesome that one of the broken parts was in code written by yours truly.  Anyhow:   Unbreaking the dak auto-decrufter You may remember the auto-decrufter, which … Continue reading

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