Tor enabled MTA

As I posted earlier, I have migrated to use tor on my machine.  Though I had a couple of unsolved issues back then.  One of them being my Mail Transport Agent (MTA) did not support tor.

A regular user might not have a lot of use for a MTA on their laptop.  However, it is needed for a lot of Debian development scripts (bts, mass-bug, nmudiff), if they are to file/manipulate bugs for you.

I have some requirements for my MTA

  • tor support (or at least “torsocks”-able)
  • support end-to-end encryption with my provider (STARTTLS)
  • verify that it is talking to my provider.
  • rewrite my “From” if it is not correct (otherwise the mail will just be rejected)
  • support the auth mechanisms of my provider
  • it should be simple to configure

I also have some non-requirements:

  • Local mail delivery is not required
  • The MTA will not be used as a general mail relay.
    • One target relay
    • No relaying from other hosts
  • Mail delivery queue is nice to have but not a strict requirement.

Originally, I used postfix, which supported most of these requirements.  Except:

  • My attempt to make it use tor failed.  The best suggestion I found was to divert its smtp handler and then replace it with a torsocks call to the original handler.  Sadly, it just seg. faulted.
  • While postfix is almost certainly able to verify it is talking with my provider, I never got it configured to do that.  In the end, postfix was to complicated for what I was ready to put up with.


Per suggestion of Jakub Wilk, I tried msmtp, which turned out do what I wanted.

  • There is a trivial config file example to start with.  I did not need to read any manuals or extended documentation to figure out what they were doing.
  • You probably also want to specify tls_priorities (assuming msmtp is linked against gnutls)
    • A code dive suggests it defaults to “NORMAL:-VERS-SSL3.0″ if not set.  It is probably not too bad, but could be better. 🙂
    • From a quick look at the gnutls manual “PFS:%PROFILE_<name>” seems like decent value (requires gnutls >= 3.2.4 and that your provider has decent/modern SSL setup).
    • You probably want to have a look at the values for the %PROFILE_<name> before deciding on one.
  • The msmtp program supports connecting through SOCKS proxies and even has a sample config snippet for using it with tor.
    • Of course, by the time I had discovered that I had already been using “torsocks /usr/sbin/sendmail” a couple of times.  🙂

The only feature I will probably miss is having a local queue, which can be rate limited.  But all in all, I am quite happy with it so far. 🙂

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2 Responses to Tor enabled MTA

  1. anonymous coward says:

    You might also be interested in the lesser known mpop program for mail retrieval. It is equally easy to use with tor and has nice TLS features.

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