Lintian-NG – Accessing Lintian’s collection data with 90 lines

 $ LINTIAN_ROOT=. perl lintian-ng ../lintian_2.5.10.dsc
 Successfully unpacked 1 packages
 Did you know that source:lintian/2.5.10 contains 3745 files or/and directories (excl. root dir)
 This useless information was brought to you by Lintian-NG
 $ git describe
 $ wc -l lintian-ng
 90 lintian-ng

This includes everything from creating a temporary lab, adding the packages to it and running all of Lintian’s collections on it (parallelised, of cource).

Writing this script yesterday would probably have required 250-300 lines of code to achieve the same. That said, 90 lines are still a bit much to copy/waste into this blog, so I won’t do a “$ cat lintian-ng”. 🙂

If you are interested in how it looks you can (for now) fetch it from

Oh yeah, “files or/and directories” is actually any (extractable) entry in the tarball…

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