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On making Britney smarter

Updating Britney often makes our life easier. Like: smooth-updates (winter 2011) Adam’s accidental upgrade of the original auto-hinter[1] (winter 2012) A non-leaking installability tester (winter 2013) Fix non-determinism of easy-hinted smooth updatable packages (summer 2014) Support for non-hinted multi-item migrations … Continue reading

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The stretch freeze is coming

The soft freeze has been on going for almost a month now and the full stretch freeze will start tomorrow night (UTC).  It has definitely been visible in the number of unblock requests that we have received so far.  Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Piuparts integration in britney

As of today, britney now fetches reports from and uses it as a part of her evaluation for package migration.  As with her RC bug check, we are only preventing (known) regressions from migrating. The messages (subject to change) … Continue reading

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Improvements in apt-file 3.1.2

Yesterday, I just uploaded apt-file 3.1.2 into unstable, which comes with a few things I would like to highlight.   We fixed an issue where apt-file would not show top-level files in source packages. (bug#676642). Thanks to Paul Wise for … Continue reading

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Stretch transition freeze in a month

It is the first of October and that means the transition freeze is roughly one month away (Nov 5th 2016). In other words, this is the “final boarding call for transitions”.   Other milestone dates: If you want new packages … Continue reading

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Unseen changes to lintian.d.o

We have been making a lot of minor changes to lintian.d.o and the underlying report framework. Most of them were hardly noticeable to the naked. In fact, I probably would not have spotted any of them, if I had not … Continue reading

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debhelper 10 is now available

Today, debhelper 10 was uploaded to unstable and is coming to a mirror near you “really soon now”. The actual changes between version “9.20160814” and version “10” are rather modest. However, it does mark the completion of debhelper compat 10, … Continue reading

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