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Selecting key packages via UDD

Thanks to Lucas Nussbaum, we now have a UDD script to filter/select key packages. Some example use cases: Which key packages used compat 4? # Data file compat-4-packages (one *source* package per line) $ curl –silent –data-binary @compat-4-packages \ reading

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mips64el added to Debian testing

Today, we have completed our first Britney run with mips64el enabled in testing.  🙂 At the current time, the set of packages in mips64el are not very connected (and you probably cannot even install build-essential yet[1]). Hopefully this will change … Continue reading

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Anti-declarative packaging – top 15 build-helpers inserting maintscripts

Debian packages can run arbitrary code via “maintainer scripts” (sometimes shortened into “maintscripts”) during installation/removal etc. While they certainly have their use cases, their failure modes causes “exciting” bugs like “fails to install” or the dreaded “fails to remove”. They … Continue reading

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Another Britney patchset

I just submitted another patch series to improve Britney for review.  If accepted, they will probably be merged into master within 2 weeks. The changes this time are probably most exciting for people that run/maintain Britney.  Key highlights include: Britney … Continue reading

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auto-decrufter in top 5 after 10 months

About 10 months ago, we enabled an auto-decrufter in dak.  Then after 3 months it had become the top 11th “remover”.  Today, there are only 3 humans left that have removed more packages than the auto-decrufter… impressively enough, one of … Continue reading

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Putting Debian packages in labelled boxes

Lintian 2.5.44 was released the other day and (to most) the most significant bug fix was probably that Lintian learned about Policy 3.9.8.  I would like to thank Axel Beckert for doing that.  Notably it also made me update the … Continue reading

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Easter patching of Britney

I decided to take a couple of days of vacation next to Easter and obviously ended up with tons of time.  I ended up channelling most of the (productive) time into improving Britney. In raw results: I wrote about 35 … Continue reading

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