Improvements in apt-file 3.1.2

Yesterday, I just uploaded apt-file 3.1.2 into unstable, which comes with a few things I would like to highlight.


  • We fixed an issue where apt-file would not show top-level files in source packages. (bug#676642). Thanks to Paul Wise for the proposed solution.
  • Paul Wise also fixed a bug where apt-file list -I dsc <source-pkg> would fail to list all files in the source package if said file was also in other packages.
  • We added –filter-suites / –filter-origins options that can be used to narrow the search space.  Example: apt-file search --filter-suites unstable lintian/checks/

You can also set defaults in the config file – if you want to always search in unstable, simply do:

# echo 'apt-file::Search-Filter::Suite "unstable";' >> /etc/apt/apt-file.conf

For the suite filter, either a code name (“sid”) or a suite name (“unstable”) will work.  Please note that the filters are case-sensitive – suites/code names generally use all lowercase, whereas origins appear to use title-case (i.e. “unstable” vs. “Debian”).


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1 Response to Improvements in apt-file 3.1.2

  1. Nick says:

    Thanks for that.

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