auto-decrufter in top 5 after 10 months

About 10 months ago, we enabled an auto-decrufter in dak.  Then after 3 months it had become the top 11th “remover”.  Today, there are only 3 humans left that have removed more packages than the auto-decrufter… impressively enough, one of them is not even an active FTP-master (anymore).  The current score board:

 5371 Luca Falavigna
 5121 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl
 4401 Ansgar Burchardt
 3928 DAK's auto-decrufter
 3257 Scott Kitterman
 2225 Joerg Jaspert
 1983 James Troup
 1793 Torsten Werner
 1025 Jeroen van Wolffelaar
  763 Ryan Murray

For comparison, here is the number removals by year for the past 6 years:

 5103 2011
 2765 2012
 3342 2013
 3394 2014
 3766 2015  (1842 removed by auto-decrufter)
 2845 2016  (2086 removed by auto-decrufter)

Which tells us that in 2015, the FTP masters and the decrufter performed on average over 10 removals a day.  And by the looks of it, 2016 will surpass that.  Of course, the auto-decrufter has a tendency to increase the number of removed items since it is an advocate of “remove early, remove often!”. 🙂


Data is from  Scoreboard computed as:

  grep ftpmaster: removals-full.txt | \
   perl -pe 's/.*ftpmaster:\s+//; s/\]$//;' | \
   sort | uniq -c | sort --numeric --reverse | head -n10

Removals by year computed as:

 grep ftpmaster: removals-full.txt | \
   perl -pe 's/.* (\d{4}) \d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}.*/$1/' | uniq -c | tail -n6

(yes, both could be done with fewer commands)

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