Easter patching of Britney

I decided to take a couple of days of vacation next to Easter and obviously ended up with tons of time.  I ended up channelling most of the (productive) time into improving Britney.

In raw results:

  • I wrote about 35 patches during my (extended) Easter holiday + reviewed and merged/cherry-picked 2 patches from others.
    • Today, the “britney-fixes-2016-03” branch had 48 commits not yet in master (8 or so written before Easter).
  • I submitted 33 of the patches for review with the intention of merging them into master soon.
    • The rest will be bundled for a later round.

The most “exciting” items in the patch series are probably:

  • Support for versioned provides (#786803)
    • Admittedly, there is a complete punt on multi-arch’ified provides.
  • Avoid cruft re-entering testing to satisfy dependencies of other packages
  • First step towards supporting packages being read from a standard (dak-built) mirror.
    • Britney still assumes some data files are stored in the “mirror”.  Though it will hopefully work for derivatives/users that disables (read: patches out) the aging and RC bugs policies.
    • Future work include”partial” suite support and self-contained components.
  • A crash fix (#815995) that only occurs with package “hijacking” (i.e. multiple source packages building the same binary).


Once reviewed, these will be merged into master and we will have versioned provides support (in Britney). 🙂

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