With 3 months of automatic decrufting in unstable

After 3 months of installing an automatic decrufter in DAK, it:

  • has removed 689 cruft items from unstable and experimental
    • average removal rate being just shy of 230 cruft items/month
  • has become the “top 11th remover”.
  • is expected to become top 10 in 6 days from now and top 9 in 10 days.
    • This is assuming a continued average removal rate of 7.6 cruft items per day

On a related note, the FTP masters have removed 28861 items between 2001 and now.  The average being 2061 items a year (not accounting for the current year still being open). Though, intriguingly, in 2013 and 2014 the FTP masters removed 3394 and 3342 items.  With the (albeit limited) stats from the auto-decrufter, we can estimate that about 2700 of those were cruft items.

One could certainly also check the removal messages and check for the common “tags” used in cruft removals.  I leave that as an exercise to the curious readers, who are not satisfied with my estimate. 🙂

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