I accidentally dak

So, yesterday, I “unbroke” dak – twice even! It is of course slightly less awesome that one of the broken parts was in code written by yours truly.  Anyhow:


Unbreaking the dak auto-decrufter

You may remember the auto-decrufter, which I added to dak.  As a safety measure, it bails out when in doubt about which removal breaks what package.  Turns out it was often in doubt, because the code had a bug.  Of course, nothing that could not be solved with a patch.

Thanks to Ansgar for merging this. 🙂

Unbreaking dak generate-releases

As a part of migrating apt-file to use APTs new acquire system (from experimental), I learned APT really likes having checksums for everything.  Now including checksums for both the compressed file and the uncompressed file.

Sadly, dak had optimised out the uncompressed checksums for Contents files, but even after removing that optimisation (and Ganneff unbreaking my dinstall breakage) some Contents files still did not have an checksum for the uncompressed Contents file.  After some sophisticated debugging (read: “printf-debugging”), I finally discovered the issue and submitted a patch.

Thanks to Ansgar and Ganneff for merging (and fixing my dinstall breakage).


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