Release architecture meeting 2014-01-26

Today, we held an one-hour IRC-meeting to debate the status of the current architectures in sid.  During that one hour, we brought up all 13 architectures.  We made a decision on 9 of the architectures.  The remaining 4 will be revisited within 2 months.  As for the actual results, we will announce these on debian-devel-announce with our next bits mail.  I suspect the announcement to happen within a couple of days.

I am quite pleased that we managed to keep the meeting to one hour.  Especially considering that it was planned less than a week ago.  One of the things, that I believe helped us, was that we had summarised the status for each architecture prior to the meeting.  In my view, the summary allowed us to finish at least half of the architectures within their allocated 5 minutes.  In fact, we had 20 minutes for the last 2 architectures – partly because amd64 + i386 combined took about a minute.

A second thing that helped us stay on time was cutting debates short.  Obviously, with less than 5 minutes per architecture, there was little time for debate and, I admit, that was by design.  This meant that we had to defer 4 decisions for later.  We are currently waiting for information, which we hope to have soon.  More on that in the announcement later.
I would like to thank the attendees for contributing to a productive and short meeting.  It was a pleasure and I hope we can repeat the success next time. 🙂


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