Getting out of the way

I have decided to step down as main maintainer of Lintian and pass the baton to Bastien Roucariès.  This is actually “fairly” old news, since I announced this almost a month ago.  However, I was not very vocal about it until now (so do not be surprised if you had not heard of this before).

In the past month, I never once regretted having stepped down.  If anything, I should probably have done it a bit earlier.  Beyond the lack of motivation, I also realised that I had become an “all talk and no do”-maintainer.  The kind that I have been advocating against publicly.  This may sound weird to a lot of people, who knows me as “the Lintian guy” or “Mr. Lintian” (or whatever Lintian-related nickname people gave me).  But the fact is that Bastien has done more for Lintian in the past month than I have in the past two.

Despite stepping down as main developer, I have not left Lintian completely.  I am still around for helping/explaining, uploading and keeping running.

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