Breaking the 700 RC bug threshold for Jessie

It looks like we have dropped (or will drop) below 700 RC bugs affecting Jessie today[1].  🙂

On a related note, I got my eye on libfso-glib + fso-gsmd, samba + -samba4, mono and haskell.  By my count, each of the four groups will (once they migrate) bring at least 4 RC bug fixes with them to testing.

Besides that, we still have ~97 RC bugs in the autoremoval queue[2], so we could be looking at 600 RC bugs in a week or two.

Please keep up the steady flow of RC bug fixes; but also, please make sure your packages will actually migrate.  If you need help interpreting the excuses page, do not hesistate to ask – I will not bite.

If you want to help, please consider having a look at the “cleaner” or the “Release Team“-view on the UDD bug tracker.  Sadly not everything there contains actionable problems[3].

[1] says 700 while the IRC bot in #debian-devel-changes says we are at 692.



[3] E.g. the kfreebsd-8 bugs appear because kfreebsd-8 is listed in “Built-Using” for d-i, but the package has already been removed from testing.  So there is nothing to do with that (except possibly waiting for a new version of d-i).


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