Lintian 2.5.18

I have just uploaded Lintian 2.5.18 to unstable.  While fixing 22 bugs, it only features 5 new tags.

  • debian-changelog-has-wrong-weekday
  • debian-rules-missing-good-practice-target-dfsg
  • empty-udeb-package
  • file-name-in-PATH-is-not-ASCII
  • misplaced-extra-member-in-deb

The release also include fixes to some false-positives, such as “python:any” dependencies triggering python-script-but-no-python-dep, a rewritten README file.  We also included a patch to make Lintian accept the “Original-Maintainer” field by default for non-Debian vendors (even if they do not have a profile and Lintian ends up loading the “debian/main” profile).

We also added support for running Lintian directly from a git checkout or source tree without setting LINTIAN_ROOT (or passing –root).  Since that was the primary use-case for –root that option has now been deprecated. I also had lintian and lintian-info require the “–include-dir” and “–[no-]user-dir” options as the first if given at all.

I would like to thank Bastien Roucariès, Gaudenz Steinlin, Gunnar Wolf, Jérémy Bobbio and Lucas Nussbaum for contributing to Lintian and the many who submitted reports or suggestions for improvements.  I would also like to thank Brian “hugmeir” Fraser, who assisted me in identifying and working around a bug in Perl’s “glob” function when run under threads (filed upstream as RT#119897).

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