Today I had to pleasure of releasing Lintian  It is a minor bug fix release on top of Lintian  2.5.18 (which I also released today…).  When I was about to deploy the new version of Lintian on, I noticed a couple of errors in the log file that smelled of bugs.  Indeed, when I investigated them I found two bugs, which were both introduced in Lintian 2.5.17.

Due to another bug in 2.5.17 and the some of the false-positives fixes, we are now doing a “full run” on  After having run for 7 hours, Lintian passed “cipux”.  My rough estimate suggests that it will take 8 days at the current rate.  For comparision, when we added amd64, Lintian spent 5 days processing all the new binaries (plus their source and the old binaries built from those source packages).

Of course estimate is rather rough.  In particular, I am not sure that the “heavy duty groups” (e.g. linux and libreoffice) are evenly spread out among the letters of the alphabeth.  Anyhow, there will be no updates on for the next week or so.

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