Some sponsors are “evil and pedantic”

If you want to enable all Lintian tags, just remember the phrase:

Some sponsors are “evil and pedantic”

Or on the command-line:

 $ lintian -EvIL +pedantic ...

It works for Lintian 2.5.5 (and newer), which handles “pedantic” like other severities.  If you need help understanding the tags, you can add an extra “i” (-i) to “evil”.  That being said, remember that experimental (-E) and pedantic (-L +pedantic) tags are what they are for a reason. Also quite a few people will probably find verbose (-v) too noisy. However, leaving any of them out would have ruined the mnemonic. 🙂

Of course, you can also ask Lintian to enable all tags via your lintianrc file.  Here is a quick-start:

display-info = yes # or no
display-experimental = yes # or no
pedantic = yes # or no
verbose = yes # or no

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2 Responses to Some sponsors are “evil and pedantic”

  1. Elessar says:

    Nice mnemonic. 🙂

    The option –color can be useful too, but I see no way to add it to this mnemonic without making it racist. 😀

  2. mirabilos says:

    Here’s the guts for sarge/dapper/etch/hardy/lenny and newer:

    For use with my multi-{arch,distro} cowbuilder configuration:

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