Status on build-arch target goal – Nov 13th

We have been working on adding build-arch support for about a week now and I figured a little status update would be in order. 🙂

According to UDD, we had 506 packages to fix when we started and after todays update it has dropped to 485.  It is a little less than the “4 packages a day” needed to ensure that they are all fixed in Wheezy, but I think it has been a good start.  🙂

On a related note, I am very pleased to see the progress on the general build-arch fixes.  According to the statistics collected by Lintian on lintian.d.o[1], maintainers in Debian has fixed a total of 67 packages since we started.  To put that into perspective, we fixed about 36 packages the week before that.

[1] Currently only DD-accessible on


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