Status on Lintian and Vendor Profiles

During the past week I finally got around to give the Vendor Profiles branch some attention. I suspect the most exciting change is that I got support for non-overridable tags.

Along with making --ftp-master-rejects an alias for the ftp-master profile. This means that you will get the same behavior from Lintian and from the ftp-master auto-reject mechanism. The only issue is that the overrides are silently ignored.

We also made dropped the “default” profile symlink in favor of using dpkg-vendor to find the “best” profile. This causes a slight conflict with solving #626476. I have asked the dpkg maintainers if that part of the libdpkg-perl API is stable enough for us to use.

Finally I fixed an issue where profiles would ignore all display settings (--display-info etc.) and just show all tags (except experimental tags).

Beyond the vendor profile branch, there are also a number of interesting changes applied in the master branch.

Together with some people from #debian-python (ScottK and jwilk as I recall), I prepared some python related goodies. Particularly we fixed a false-positive missing-python-build-dependency with python3 and marked dh_pycentral and dh_python as deprecated. On a related note, we have also removed the tag uses-dh-python-with-no-pycompat.

Based on feedback from Eric Lavarde, we redefined the classpath-contains-relative-path tag. It now only emits the “bad” parts of the Classpath and relative entries are allowed in they exists or point to /usr/share/java/$file.jar and there is a strong libX-java dependency. While the change breaks overrides, according to lintian.d.o we do not have any yet.

The next release will feature a check for non-empty dependency_libs fields in la files and a fix to a flaw in logic for architecture dependent overrides.

We will be reducing our dependency of dpkg-dev to a Suggests (#626476). Currently the xz-utils is in the pseudo-essential set, but it may not stay that way. So in the future you may need to explicitly install xz-utils for Lintian to support .xz source packages.

Last, but not least, if you have felt that the lintianrc file has been rather useless to you, then you are not alone. I have made a prototype patch to improve the situation and hopefully soon you get to specify default options in your lintianrc.

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