Lintian 2.5.0~rc1 (and newer) breaks overrides

This is old actually old news, but I suspect some people have forgotten or maybe do not understand to what extend. We decided to break overrides in 2.5.0~rc1[1], as explained in Raphael’s email to d-d-a@l.d.o.

As the email mentions there were two breakages – the tag merges and the file prefix change. Especially the latter seem to be causing confusion (or at least pings/questions/emails for me). The long story short:

All overrides listing files with a prefix of “./” or “/” will not work as of 2.5.0~rc1

If you are curious as to why, please have a look at #534940.

Fixing the override is simply a matter of removing the “./” or “/” prefix(es). If you discover a tag that still uses “./” or “/” as file name prefix, please file a bug (assuming someone did not beat you to it).

I am not entirely sure if the FTP-masters have updated the copy of Lintian that handles auto-rejects[2], so you may have keep the old/broken override if it is for a non-fatal auto-reject tag. This is especially true for the embedded-zlib tag that were merged into embedded-library.

[1] On a related note, this is why this is 2.5.0~rc1 and not 2.4.4.

[2] I also do not know when they plan to do it if they have not already done so, but Tolimar has informed me that 2.5.0~rc2 is in squeeze-backports. >.>

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4 Responses to Lintian 2.5.0~rc1 (and newer) breaks overrides

  1. Philipp Kern says:

    I wonder how it could be in squeeze-backports if it’s not in testing yet. Seems somebody screwed up…

    • nthykier says:

      Yes, someone screwed up (me) by hijacking Tolimar’s backport. On the “Lintian is not in testing yet” topic, I will quote Rhonda:

      lintian is one of those (very few) packages that have a special
      exception […]


      • Philipp Kern says:

        Still feels interesting to see a RC pushed there. But you’ll surely know what you do. 🙂

  2. Ftp-master has not been updated, I was beaten by this the other day. I have put the 2 variants of the overrides in gnome-shell (experimental) due to this.

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