Jessie finally has less than 500 RC bugs

I am very pleased to say that RC bug counter for Jessie finally dropped below 500 RC bugs.  For comparison, we broke the 700 RC bug curve in the start of November, so that is about 200 RC bugs in about 7-8 weeks (or about 25-28 RC bugs per week).

Today, we have about 162 RC bugs on the auto-removal list.  Though, I suspect many of the affected packages have reverse dependencies, so their removal from testing may be up 30 days away.  Nevertheless, by this time in January, we could be looking at no more than 350 RC bugs left for Jessie.


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5 Responses to Jessie finally has less than 500 RC bugs

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  3. rbalint says:

    Congratulations to the Debian project and especially to all the people behind the new autoremoval policy! IMO it helped greatly in reducing the number of buggy packages in Jessie and in encouraging package maintainers to fix more RC bugs to keep their packages in Jessie.

  4. monitopro says:

    woow is very interesting for me, in my opinion , dependencies errors….should be resolved automatically, without human intervention, that would be a breakthrough for apt-get and why not say for linux…. thanks for read

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